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Petitioning Governor, CA Arnold Schwarzenegger and 1 other

Tell California Leaders to Follow the Rules on Executions


In their rush to resume executions in California, they are ignoring the court order that halts executions.

New lethal injection procedures were recently approved by a state agency, but those procedures have NOT been approved by a judge and an injunction against executions has NOT been lifted. Despite that, state officials have attempted to resume executions.  Tuesday morning a Marin judge ruled again that the time-out on executions remains in place. But the Governor and AG have not stopped-they are moving forward with preparing for an execution and asking for more execution dates.

Tell Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown that if they can't follow the law, they can't execute people. 

In their haste to resume executions in California, the Governor and the Attorney General have not considered the impact this process has on the victims' families.  With all the lawsuits still pending, any execution date set now will almost certainly be rescheduled.  The Attorney General and the Governor need to go to court and get the legal questions answered before putting family members through this roller coaster.   

The process that governs changes to state regulations, such as the state's lethal injection procedure, is in place to ensure that the concerns of the public are addressed and that all precautions are taken.  This important process has not been completed in full and we cannot resume executions until it is-many problems with the procedure remain.  Please act today and urge the Governor and Attorney General to follow the rules and stop ignoring the courts.

Letter to
Governor, CA Arnold Schwarzenegger
Attorney General, CA Jerry Brown
I strongly object to your effort to move forward with executions while so many problems and unanswered questions remain. This rush to execute is premature and ignores a court order that put executions on hold. I am aware that a new lethal injection procedure was approved by the Office of Administrative Law; however, this procedure has not been approved by a judge nor has the injunction against executions been lifted. These rules are in place for a reason-if you cannot follow the rules, you cannot kill people in the name of the state.

Your actions are unfair to the family members of the murder victims. Once you request an execution date, you force the victim’s family onto a confusing and difficult rollercoaster; one that will almost certainly result in more delays, disappointment and pain. There are too many legal questions that remain unanswered that will prevent an actual execution from taking place as scheduled. Please follow the rules and go to court to have all those questions answered before putting family members through this painful process.

Executions have been on hold in California for nearly five years now because there are so many problems with the process we were using to kill people. Why are you in such a rush to cut short further review of these problems? The new regulations are still flawed. If you continue with your hasty plan and rush to resume executions, mistakes will be made. Please respect the court order and follow the law: wait until the questions have been answered before setting execution dates.