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Tell California Lawmakers: It Should Be Harder to Privatize Our Public Libraries

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Did you know that your California public library could be taken over by a private company? The good news is that there's a bill (AB 438) in the California Senate that will help protect libraries from reckless privatization schemes.

In Southern California, public libraries are being targeted for takeover by Library Systems & Services, Inc. (LSSI), a private company headquartered in Maryland and majority-owned by the private equity firm Islington Capital Partners.  LSSI currently operates 14 library systems and is eyeing more in California. Last year in Santa Clarita, California, residents were allowed just one public hearing before the City Council rushed through a vote to hand over the city's library system to LSSI. Your library could be next.

When municipalities contract with private library service providers like LSSI, it often results in diminished library services and hidden costs to taxpayers. In Santa Clarita, for example, LSSI charges taxpayers a 5% fee for every new book purchased. Concerns arise over transparency and accountability, too. When public libraries are privatized, information that was once public - for example, library staff salaries - becomes proprietary information. The company is also granted access to patron records (e.g. your borrowing history).

So, what's in the bill? The proposed legislation will require local officials to give their constituents adequate notice of plans to privatize and to demonstrate that privatization will benefti the community. 

AB 438 - which was passed in the California State Assembly in June and is now headed to the State Senate for a vote - stipulates that a city or library district that intends to employ a private contractor to operate the city's or the district's library shall require 1) a fair cost analysis, 2) proven savings to the taxpayers, 3) competitive bidding, 4) proven qualifications of the contractor, 5) doesn't displace employees, and 6) performance and financial audits are conducted.

If we're going to stop the privatization of public libraries, we need to start by requiring cities and towns to responsibly puruse these plans. After signing the petition, visit to learn more.


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