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Tell Brazil: Approve PLC 122! Fight against homophobia!


Homophobia (homo = same, phobia = φόβος the Greek "fear") is a term for hatred, hatred or discrimination against a person gay, and therefore against homosexuality, and may include subtle forms, silent and insidious prejudice and discrimination against homosexuals.

Some scholars and common people attribute the origins of homophobia to the same motivations that underpin racism and other prejudice. In particular, an instinctive opposition to anything that does not match the majority by which the individual identifies and implicit norms and down by the same majority, including the need for reaffirmation of traditional gender roles, considering the individual homosexual someone who failed in the performance of role that corresponds to it according to its kind.

Some people believe that homophobia is indeed a form of xenophobia in its strictest definition: fear of anything that might be considered strange. This generalization is criticized because the irrational fear of the other is not, apparently, the only reason for opposition to homosexuality, as this attitude may also come from teachings (religion, government forms, etc.), prejudice, ideology or information ( communities as sexist), for example.

In Brazil, besides the 1988 Constitution to prohibit any form of discrimination in a generic way, several laws are being discussed in order to specifically prohibit discrimination against homosexuals.

The Brazilian Federal Constitution defines as "fundamental goal of the Republic" (art. 3, IV) to promote the well being of everyone, without distinction of origin, race, sex, color, age, or any other form of discrimination ". The term "other forms" refers to all forms of discrimination are not explicitly mentioned in the article, such as sexual orientation, among others.

The Bill Hall (PLC) 122/2006, currently pending in Congress proposes the criminalization of bias motivated by sexual orientation and gender identity, comparing them to other prejudices already object of Law 7716/89. This project was initiated in the House of Representatives, authored by Congresswoman Iara Bernardi and that he proceeded with the number 5003/2001, which has already been approved in writing proposed, in addition to criminal penalties, also additional civil penalties for homophobic prejudice such as loss of office for the public servant, the inability to contracts with the government, the ban on access to bank credit officers, and the sealing of tax benefits.

According to research conducted by telephone DataSenado in 2008 with 1120 people in several capitals, 70% of respondents are in favor of criminalization of  homophobia in Brazil. The approval is wide in almost all segments in the cutting region, gender and age. Even the cut by religion shows a 54% approval among evangelicals, 70% among Catholics and adherents of other religions and 79% of atheists.

Tell the President of Brazil, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of Brazil to fight against homophobia count.

Ask them to engage in this fight. Ask the to repeal homophobia by passing PLC 122.

Research Source: Wikipedia


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  • Committee on Constitution, Justice and Citizenship in the Senate
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    Michel Miguel Elias Temer Lulia
  • Special Secretariat for Human Rights
    Maria do Rosário Nunes
  • President of Brazil
    Dilma Vana Rousseff
  • Chamber of Deputies of Brazil
  • Federal Senate of Brazil
  • Senator
    Eduardo Suplicy
  • Senator
    Roberto Requião

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