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Send a letter to British Petroleum CEO Robert Dudley urging BP to fulfill their promise by making the Gulf, and its people whole again. We cannot let the people harmed by the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill be forgotten.

Tell Robert Dudley that you will not forget, and you will hold BP accountable.

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Letter to
CEO, British Petroleum Robert Dudley
Like all Americans, I watched in horror as the Deepwater Horizon tragedy unfolded in the Gulf of Mexico. Although I am grateful that the oil has finally stopped flowing, I know that approximately five million barrels of oil contaminated one of the most environmentally sensitive and economically productive regions of our nation. The well appears to be successfully capped, but I have not forgotten about the people who continue to suffer in the Gulf. Tens of thousands of individuals and their families were harmed by your actions, and some may never fully recover.

I am joining with Americans from across the country to monitor your actions, the compensation program, and BP’s litigation strategy in the courts. Although we had to stand by helplessly for three months as we watched millions of barrels of oil spew into the Gulf, we do not have to stand by now.

While you have a legal obligation under the Oil Pollution Act to fully compensate the victims of the spill, I believe you also have a moral obligation to do everything possible to restore their lives and livelihoods to the condition they were in before the catastrophe. In order to do that, you must also take full responsibility for restoring the Gulf environment itself, and heal the ecosystem that has been severely damaged by the oil, chemical dispersants, and other toxic materials you poured into Gulf waters.

Recent reports indicate that your Gulf Coast Claims Facility is not processing claims as quickly as promised, and that families in the region are struggling to stay afloat as a result. This is of great concern, and I hope that you will immediately expedite the claims process.

I am no longer watching the oil pour out of the well; now I am watching you. I urge you to do the right thing and make the Gulf and its people whole again.