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Tell @BP_America to stop stalling and pay up! #makeBPpay

BP must pay the maximum fines for the 2010 BP oil spill. And it must happen now.

Despite BP’s advertising campaigns to the contrary, the gulf still suffering from the oil spill. It's time to stop hiding behind commercials and statements of "robust recovery" and truly commit to making things right for the people and environment of the gulf.

The oil from the BP spill severely impacted bird nesting habitat across the Gulf Coast and continues to show up in bird tissues, including the eggs of pelicans as far north as Minnesota. The oil negatively affected endangered sea turtles and sped marsh erosion in heavily impacted areas.

BP must stop trying to shortchange the gulf and take responsibility. Stop stalling, stop litigating and do what’s right to make the gulf whole! Pay the maximum fines for the 2010 BP oil spill immediately.

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  • Attorney General, Department of Justice
    Eric Holder

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