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Tell Borders to Stop Throwing Away Books and Donate Them Instead


Borders, the national book chain, is closing 200 of its Waldenbooks locations this month and employees report that unsold books in the stores will be torn up and thrown away.

Beyond being environmentally offensive it seems unconscionable that Borders would choose to destroy books rather than donate them to schools, libraries and educational nonprofits facing funding shortfalls.

In this tough economic moment Borders could choose to help communities across the country by donating their unwanted books.

Send a letter to Borders CEO Ron Marshall asking him to reverse the decision to throw away perfectly new books instead of providing them to schools, libraries and educational programs.

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Letter to
Borders CFO Mark Bierley
Borders Senior VP, Marketing Arthur Keeney
Borders Board Chairman Richard "Mick" McGuire
I am writing because I am shocked to learn that your company is planning to destroy and throw away unsold books when you close 200 Waldenbooks locations this month.

In communities across the country schools, libraries and educational programs face funding cuts and could put your unwanted books to good use if only you would donate them rather than throw them away.

There is no reason to destroy these perfectly good books and throw them into a landfill.
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