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Tell Boiron to refund consumers misled by their fake medicine

I tried Boiron's Coldcalm remedy and it didn't do anything for my cold. It's no wonder, because there are actually no active ingredients in Coldcalm, or any homeopathic products!

After seven days of attempted contact, Boiron finally told me I could have my money back-- but only if I sent them a receipt dated within the last 14 days, and the bar code from the original box. That sounds fair until you consider that homeopathic remedies only seem to "work" when people feel better on their own, and that's often after a week or more has passed since the product was purchased. Boiron insists on a tiny window for returns, in which most people not familiar with the homeopathic scam are virtually guaranteed not to come to the same conclusions I did… yet.

Boiron is selling people fake medicine and profiting off their misinformation, knowing that by the time their customers have found out the truth, it will likely be past the chance for a refund on their bogus product. Will you join me and the JREF in telling Boiron to refund any customer who ever bought their products? If you've bought Boiron products and want your money back, "add a reason" when you sign, and say so!

—Carrie Poppy

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