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Tell Boehner to Follow King & Spalding's Lead and Stop Defending DOMA



House Speaker John Boehner and House Republican leaders hired a high-priced law firm to defend the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). HRC sprang into action with a campaign to inform and educate the public, K&S clients, and potential recruits about the firm's hypocrisy. K&S rightly dropped the case.

Yet Speaker Boehner still plans to spend hundreds of thousands of OUR TAX DOLLARS to uphold DOMA in court – and continue attacking the rights of loving same-sex couples.

Take action and tell Speaker Boehner to stop defending DOMA.


Letter to
Representative John Boehner
King & Spalding's decision to drop the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) case is further proof that you're out of step with the majority of Americans, who find it shameful to uphold discrimination.

I don't want my tax dollars wasted defending discrimination. DOMA should be repealed – and the Respect for Marriage Act, now pending in the House, would do just that.

I urge you to stop defending a law that treats same-sex couples like second-class citizens, and to show true leadership by supporting the Respect for Marriage Act.

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