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Tell Black Eyed Peas: Stop Supporting Chimpanzee Abuse


The Black Eyed Peas concert in Spain is a major sponsor of “Involución,” a program that forces a chimpanzee to participate in the competition. The chimpanzee, named Noah, is owned by Steve Martin, a Hollywood animal trainer with a history of cruelty. 

Chimpanzees like Noah are typically taught the unnatural tricks they’re forced to perform through abusive training methods. Martin’s company has been cited several times by the USDA for a range of problems including sanitation, inadequate care and mishandling. When he can no longer use his chimpanzees and other wild animals, he advertises them in dubious animal trade publications where unaccredited roadside zoos and animal shows can purchase them.

Despite knowing the abuse suffered by chimpanzees used in entertainment, producers at Antena3, the TV network that airs “Involution,” continue to broadcast the show.

The organization Fundacion FAADA (Foundation for the Adoption, Sponsorship and Defense of Animals) launched a campaign against Antena3. The station agreed to meet with the organization, but have refused to change their plans to use the chimpanzee on the show. Antena3 has ignored the protests from more than 8,600 people, nearly 100 animal protection groups, and even wildlife experts and primatologists including Dr. Jane Goodall.

Now FAADA is urging the show’s sponsors not to finance animal abuse. The Black Eyed Peas are supporters of PETA and have spoken out against animal cruelty in the past. Tell them to stop funding the exploitation and abuse of a chimpanzee in Spain.

This campaign is also hosted on's sister site in Spain, 

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Black Eyed Peas
I urge you to stop the sponsorship of a tv show in Spain that abuses a chimpanzee.

Antena 3/Neox, the television channel responsible for the Involución contest, continues to produce the show despite knowing the abuse suffered by chimpanzees used in entertainment. Production companies around the world have committed to stop exploiting chimpanzees, a species in danger of extinction. But Antena3/Neox has ignored the thousands of people who have asked them to stop this show and the voices of some of the world's most reknown primatologists and wild animal experts, including Dr. Jane Goodall.

Noah, the chimp that is being exploited for this program, belongs to trainer Steve Martin, who has been cited numerous times by the USDA for violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

The name of your band is being used to promote Involución, and therefore, the abuse of a chimpanzee.

Please ask the organizers of your concert in Spain, Europa FM (a subsidiary of the Antena 3 group), to stop promoting animal abuse.

Thank you.

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