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Shame on Beyond Retro for selling fur garments and perpetuating the idea that wearing ANY fur is acceptable. There is nothing glamorous about fur.`Vintage' fur will have involved animal suffering. A trapped wild animal will have suffered terribly for hours, if not days before they died an agonising death. Trapped animals often chew off their own limbs in their attempts to escape.

We the undersigned believe that killing animals for fur is morally inexcusable

We therefore call upon Beyond Retro to stop selling fur garments immediately.

Letter to
Owner , Beyond Retro Mr Steven Bethell
Manager, Beyond Retro Mrs Kate Peters
Please Stop Selling Fur at Beyond Retro.
Some people are conned into thinking it`s ok to wear real animal fur if such a piece of clothing is not purchased brand new or is classed as vintage. It does n`t matter whether an animal was murdered for it`s skin one year ago or fifty years ago, the fact is abundantly clear: an animal WAS murdered for its skin...just for fashion! It doesn`t matter whether that fashion is this season or the season of yesteryear!
Animals are either farmed or trapped in the wild for their fur: there are currently approximately 50 million animals killed worldwide to satisfy a sick sense of fashion. On farms, sentient creatures endure an agonising existence in cramped, bare, wire-mesh cages until they are gassed, anally electrocuted or have their throats slit and have their skins ripped from their bodies. Many animals are even skinned alive!
For trapped animals, their fate is no better. Caught in steel traps, animals will often try to gnaw off their own limbs to escape. If they don`t die from freezing or starvation, they will be clubbed or suffocated by the trappers-sometimes days after the animals have been caught!
Wearing any fur garment, whatever the age of that garment perpetuates the idea that wearing fur is acceptable-for anyone with an ounce of compassion this is blatantly not the case!
Real fur should always be worn first-hand-on the animal who was born with it!

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