Tell Ballet BC - Don't Dance on the Ruins of Palestinian Childhood

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Ballet BC is planning to perform in Israel while the Israeli government is planning to demolish the Palestinian village of Khan al-Ahmar in the occupied West Bank and turning Gaza into an unliveable nightmare. Tell Ballet BC it is wrong to help whitewash Israeli war crimes.

Excerpts of Open Letter to Ballet BC Executive Director:

I have learned that Ballet BC is touring in Israel in January, 2019. As global artists, I am sure you are aware of the international movement by many cultural figures to refuse to perform in Israel until it complies with international law. Figures such as Roger Waters, Elvis Costello, Lana del Rey, and Brian Eno, who refused to allow the Israeli dance company Batsheva to use one of his musical compositions at a performance in Italy.

In an article in The Guardian newspaper on September 7, 2016, Eno was quoted as saying: “It’s often said by opponents of BDS that art shouldn’t be used as a political weapon. However, since the Israeli government has made it quite clear that it uses art in exactly that way – to promote ‘Brand Israel’ and to draw attention away from the occupation of Palestinian land – I consider that my decision to deny permission is a way of taking this particular weapon out of their hands.”