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Tell Authorities to Investigate Pet Shop Owner for Killing Puppies with Dishwashing Soap

Jeff Fortin, owner of North Washington Street Kennels pet shop in Adams County, Colorado, was observed by former employees killing "unsuitable" puppies by injecting them in the heart with dishwashing soap.  


Jeff Fortin is also famous for the death of dogs on a large scale. At the puppy mill he owns in Oberlin, Kansas, 1,200 dogs were euthanized in December 2010 after an outbreak of distemper in his kennels. In January 2011, he surrendered his breeding license, but continues to face accusations of animal cruelty at his pet store, as well as reports of falsified USDA and vaccination records, and selling sick animals. According to former employees, Fortin may also have violated tax laws by not ringing up sales and paying employees and other vendors under the table.


At his Longmont store, Fortin was ticketed on suspicion of 34 counts of animal cruelty when police discovered puppies crammed into overcrowded cages. The store faced allegations of neglect and was fined by the state for a record-keeping violation and for failing to disclose a puppy's medical treatment records.


Although the Longmont store has closed, it's clear that Fortin's practices haven't changed. One pet-related business in his hands is one too many. Tell authorities to investigate Jeff Fortin for animal cruelty, consumer fraud, and tax evasion.



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I am writing to urge you to investigate Jeff Fortin, owner of the Adams County pet store, North Washington Street Kennels.

Former employees have accused Fortin of illegally and inhumanely euthanizing puppies by injecting them in the heart with dishwashing liquid. Some employees only observed this, while other employees were forced to participate. Mr. Fortin also needs to be investigated for reports that he was selling sick puppies, as well as falsifying USDA, breeder and veterinary records. In addition, he reportedly evades taxes by not ringing up all sales on the register and by paying employees and others under the table.

Fortin has a long history of animal cruelty and neglect allegations and violations of state law. When he owned a store in Longmont, he was fined twice by the state: once for a record-keeping violation and once for failing to disclose a puppy's medical treatment records. He was also accused of selling sick puppies and overcrowding cages at that store.

Most recently, Fortin had 1,200 puppies euthanized at the kennel he owned in Kansas. News reports indicate that he had also violated USDA regulations regarding record-keeping and health standards. Although he voluntarily surrendered his breeding license, there is no indication that his animal welfare practices have improved at his store.

I urge your agency to launch an investigation into Fortin's business practices and treatment of animals. He cannot be allowed to continue to neglect animals and deceive consumers and the state.

Thank you.

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