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Tell Arkansas newspaper: Apologize for erasing gay man's partner from Obituary

A newspaper from Batesville, a large town northeast of Little Rock, Arkansas, purposefully erased the name of a man's partner from his obituary because he was gay.

Terrance James, who lived with and stayed by the side of his partner, John Christopher Millican, during Millican's final hours, recently found himself erased from his partner's life by the editors of the Batesville Daily Guard.

This type of censorship is a disgrace, and brings shame upon the integrity of local journalism. Most importantly, it dishonors the life of Mr. Millican, a man who faces discrimination even after death simply because of his sexual orientation.

Send a clear message to the editors of the Batesville Daily Guard that this is unnacceptable, and that they must publish an apology and reprint the obituary without the omission.

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