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Petitioning The Governor of AZ

Tell Arizona Governor Brewer that S.B.1070 encourages racial profiling and must never be enforced

Communities in Arizona and across the country call for the lack of enforcement of S.B. 1070 signed into law this morning by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

Call or email Governor Brewer's office now and tell her S.B. 1070 will encourage human rights abuses in Arizona. 

Email AZ Gov. Jan Brewer's office: Contact.asp

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Letter to
The Governor of AZ
After much protest on a national, state and local level Governor Jan Brewer signed S.B.1070 into law today referring to the new law as "another step forward in protecting the state of Arizona."

We, the undersigned, believe that S.B.1070 will not protect the state of Arizona but will instead 1) overburden law enforcement in taking on the duties of immigration officials for which they are untrained and uncompensated; and 2) create a climate of fear and anger towards people who appear to be "typical" Hispanics and/or indigenous people who reside along the border.

We believe Governor Brewer was misguided when she signed this bill into law, but she can make it right by admitting her mistake and allowing legal and constitutional challenges to the law to proceed unhindered.

The great State of Arizona belongs to all who lawfully reside there. Singling out racial and ethnic groups is unseemly for Arizonans and all other Americans.