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Tell Apple to Stop Selling White Power Music

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 Through Itunes, Apple has grown to dominate the digital music business as the largest disseminator of online music purchases. But currently, the company also serves as the largest platform for white nationalists, skinheads, and neo-nazis who use white power music as a recruiting tool aimed at indoctrinating youth. On Itunes, hate music groups like Skrewdriver, Bully Boys, White Wash, White Wing, NON, H8Machine, Infester, Valhalla, and Fanisk sell music with hardcore, explicit white supremacist lyrics that espouse hate and promote violence towards minorities. 

Lyrics like “Have they got the white man on the run?/Multi-racial society is a mess/We ain’t ‘gonna take much more of this/What do need?/White power!” is among the tamest examples of the type of hate music that is given space on Itunes. 

Other large companies, such as MySpace, work with civil rights groups to identify and immediately remove hate group music that is used as a youth recruitment tool by hate groups. Such music should be relegated to the margins where it belongs, and not be given legitimacy through affiliation with a large network like Itunes. In the past, the company has taken steps to remove homophobic music that promotes violence towards sexual minorities. Tell Apple that just as it stood against hatred towards the LGBT community, the company must stand up against racism by banning white power music. 

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