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Tell Apple: I Want TrapCall Back In The App Store

This petition had 16,760 supporters is a revolutionary service that unmasks blocked calls, protecting people from those who choose to hide behind blocked numbers when making harassing or stalking phone calls. After 1 year in the App Store, for unknown reasons, Apple suddenly pulled the TrapCall app and told us they no longer view TrapCall as an app they're comfortable with and we are no longer welcome!

How could Apple possibly not back an app that's for the greater good of the user? Isn't that what Apple's all about? Why would Apple want to protect the people who make malicious calls, hiding behind blocked numbers?

Let's show Apple that TrapCall is a legitimate service with a very well-intended use that we absolutely think deserves to be in the App Store! We've been in talks with reps at Apple, and we think with your overwhelming support, we can prove to Apple that TrapCall is an app they should be embracing — not rejecting!

Is TrapCall Legal?

TrapCall is 100% legal in the United States! Our lawyers even had to prove this to Apple in 2010 before we were allowed into the App Store. Not only is TrapCall legal, carriers such as AT&T even tell their customers to download TrapCall from the App Store if they're having a problem with harassing calls from blocked numbers!

Real TrapCall Reviews

Below are a few real TrapCall reviews, to help illustrate how valuable TrapCall is to some people.

"I ♥ TRAPCALL!!! It allowed me to finally find out WHO was stalking my phone, calling me with blocked # and hanging up at all hours of the day and night. NO more stalking by **** ***** from San Diego! <---- By using TrapCall, I was able to answer saying her name! THANK YOU TRAPCALL!"

"I had a stalker who had threatened to kill me and the police found she had plotted and even paid someone to do so. ONLY due to trapcalls service were we able to record the threats from the blocked calls she had been making to me and THEREFORE tie the to her At&t records were they able to arrest her. She is now facing felony charges for stalking and criminal threats--the TRAPCALL factually help save my life. To "ban" this app which is critical to law enforcements need for PROOF would be a tragedy against users who really need this service for its high and rightful purpose."

"I freakin love TrapCall, you guys are the best. Now I know who's been calling me this whole time, and now I can file a restraining order"

"I just wanted to report this stuff works. Kept getting this blocked call at 12-4AM. Signed up yesterday to see if you all could help me. You did!!! They called again this AM. When I called them back they stammered reporting that maybe they had accidentally called the wrong number a couple of times. I told the kid his mothers name and she probably wouldn't like getting reported to the police for harassing phone calls! Thanks Trapcall!"

"For the past two months or so, I’ve been getting these creepy calls from a blocked number. My first call from creepy dude went something like this:

Me: hello? Dude: Kara? Me: yes? Dude: What’s your shoe size? Me: who is this? Dude: I want to send you some more of those black stilettos with the gun-metal heels you have. So, what size shoe do you wear? 

This goes on for a while because I’m trying to figure out who it is; I eventually hang up. The creepy part?? I actually have black stilettos with gun-metal heels. He calls me at least once a week. He always asks me about my shoe size and for my address so he can send me a “special gift.” I don’t even want to think about what that could mean. 

Because of Trapcall, I was able to file a police report. Also, my husband called this creep and left him a voicemail advising that we know who he is and he better never contact me again! So, thank you, Trapcall, for peace in my life! I can rest easy now."

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