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Tell Animal Planet Not to Air Cruel and Illegal Pigeon Races

An upcoming episode of Animal Planet’s reality show Taking on Tyson will feature boxing star Mike Tyson organizing pigeon races – a cruel practice where pigeons are penned up on rooftops or in backyards coops and then taken hundreds of miles from their pens and forced into brutal endurance races.

The birds often struggle to survive in all weather extremes and often fall prey to both wild predators, such as raptors, and cruel humans who shoot or trap them.

Pigeons are smart and have complex social relationships. They mate for life, and both parents share in the care and nurturing of their young.

Animal Planet shouldn’t be airing shows that glamorize or showcase cruel treatment of animals. By airing this show, Animal Planet will likely end up contributing to more pigeons being forced into races and harmed by humans.

We need to show Animal Planet that we care and that we don’t want to see pigeon racing encouraged on TV. Send a letter to Animal Planet by signing this petition and tell them to cancel plans for this episode immediately.

photo: ZeroOne

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