Tell Amazon it’s time to adopt “waste-free” packaging

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This has probably happened to you: You order a small, non-fragile item from Amazon. The item could easily fit inside a padded envelope. Instead, it arrives in a box that is much larger than needed. This happens practically every time I order something from Amazon. Recently, I decided that enough is enough. There’s no reason for a company of this size to participate in this much waste, day in and day out, all across the globe.

Amazon has taken some initial steps to address the problem of packaging waste. Last year, they stopped using wrapping paper for products purchased during the holiday season and started using gift bags instead. The company was a leader in introducing “frustration-free” packaging - using packing materials that could be opened without requiring a box-cutter or other tools. 

If Amazon addresses its pervasive practice of wasteful packaging we can feel better about shopping there. The company can come to be known for its responsible stewardship of our planet. This change may even be good for Amazon's bottom line.  If you’re as concerned as I am by the environmental cost of Amazon's over-sized and wasteful packaging, please take a moment to sign this petition. Let's let Amazon know it’s time to eliminate excessive packaging -- right away and once and for all.