Tell Amazon and Apple: Don't ban "The Autism Vaccine" book!

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Parents all over the world have insisted their children developed autism after receiving vaccinations. To add to the problem, government health officials and their pharmaceutical partners have attempted to shut down any discussion about the problem. They studied one vaccine (MMR), one vaccine ingredient (Thimerosal), and stopped looking after that. They protected themselves by making it impossible to sue them for problems caused by vaccines.

The science isn't settled on this issue, even though you'll hear people screaming that every day on social media. For instance, here are over 150 papers that link autism to vaccines:

Several other books have been written about the topic, including J.B. Handley's "How to End the Autism Epidemic" just last year, but none seems as controversial as author Forrest Maready's "The Autism Vaccine." The book is still 2 months away from being released and people are so infuriated by the title that a petition has been created to try and get Amazon and Apple to ban it! The petition has close to 5,000 signatures and there is a danger Amazon and Apple might listen to them and ban the book, preventing us from reading the book.

If you are for truth and transparency and would like to be able to hear what Forrest Maready has to say about the history of vaccines and autism, sign up! Make your voice be heard! Don't let the bad guys censor scientific progress and understanding!