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Tell All American Dachshund Rescue to BRING ALPINA HOME!


On the evening of June 8th, 2011, one of my sisters beloved dachshunds "Alpina" ran off. She had a collar, tags, she is chipped and ofcourse, she was on a leash. After searching all night and using every resource available in order to find Alpina, my sister received a call from All American Dachshund Rescue.

 Instead of being reunited with her family, Alpina is being kept at some unknown location without her owners permission. Rescue leagues work hard to place dogs forever in the care of nurturing, loving, and healthy homes.  Her owners are experienced and responsible and in no way have breached their adoption contract with AADR.  They have done nothing wrong.  

 This is a very unjust and heartbreaking situation.  Im asking if anyone has any information that will help bring Alpina home to her family, it would be greatly appreciated.  Diane Irwin, the president of the AADR has told me that the dog has already left the state of MA, has been fostered by several families, and already place with her "new family"... all of this happened within 24 hours.  This doesnt sound very legal to me, at all.  

The police don't have the time and resources to search for just one missing or stolen dog.  We all understand that.  But that shouldn't mean that this gets swept under the rug.  I have to ask the question: has this happened before, or will it happen again?

This entire situation stinks like some sort of a scam, in order to recycle dogs through loving families, only to then say those same families are unfit, some time after.  Im not argueing that adoption contracts, or the screaning methods of adoption candidates are unfair.  Rather, the decision to take away a dog from an owner without any type of process or accountability.  

How many times will Alpina (aka Anna Jo) go through the adoption process.  How much money will this poor animal make for the people of this so-called non-profit organization.  Another adoption "donation", a few shelter fees, vet costs, boardng, transportation... When will it stop?  Where is Alpina?

Her owners are good people and the rescue group is taking advantage of everyone involved. Help us make this right.  Help bring Alpina home.


If you can, please visit the facebook page we set up.  It's main purpose is to show compassion and support towards a family who are missing an important part of their family.

Diane Irwin is the president of All American Dachshund Rescue. This organization can be reached at:



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  • President of All American Dachshund Rescue
    Diane Irwin
  • Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
    Martha Coakley
  • Commissioner for the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources
    Scott J. Soares
  • Program Coordinator for Division of Animal Health Shelter/Rescue program
    Auzinda Tavares
  • Division of Animal Health
    Michael Cahill
  • City of Lowell Mass. Superintendent of Police
    Kenneth Lavallee

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