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Every New Yorker should have the opportunity to get a great education, find a good job or start a new business -- and prosper. But New York's budget is broken and irresponsibility in Albany has put these opportunities in jeopardy for future generations.

Our legislature has developed a habit of spending money we don't have, and they're driving families and employers out of the state with high taxes and restrictive mandates.

It's time to restore fiscal sanity to our state government and New Yorkers need to have a voice in our government to ensure that happens. 

Join New Yorkers from across the state and urge your legislators to fix New York’s $10 billion budget deficit. Tell your state assemblymember and senator that you support Governor Cuomo's plan to move our state forward by fixing Albany’s finances, creating jobs and growing our state’s economy.

Letter to
New York State House
New York State Senate
New York state faces the most serious financial crisis in our state’s history. The upstate economy is in terrible shape and people are leaving our state to find jobs and opportunity elsewhere.

We have the highest taxes and the largest health care, energy and education costs of any state in the nation. New York is simply unaffordable for the average worker and unattractive to business. On top of these problems, our state faces a huge budget deficit because for more than a decade the government has been spending beyond its means.

Governor Cuomo has given us the facts to document this crisis and announced his plan to get control of our state finances and fix our economy. But he cannot do it alone. He needs you and the other members of the state legislature to join in this effort.

I support the Governor in his effort to fix what is broken in Albany, starting with cutting spending to close the current year’s $10 billion budget deficit.

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