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Tell AG Eric Holder that he MUST investigate G. W. Bush for his ADMITTED criminal activity.

I don't understand.  I have always thought that America was a Country based on the rule of LAW.  As citizens we are expected... no, REQUIRED to follow the laws laid down by our government.  Choosing NOT to follow the law is called a CRIME.  The penalty for a crime varies depending on weather it is enforced by the state or the federal government and it's severity.  The question is, how can we as parents, teachers and ordinary citizens, expect ALL citizens to accept the laws laid out by society if those laws are not enforced EQUALLY? If a citizen confesses to a crime, is it not our government's OBLIGATION to at least investigate that citizen?

The time has come for Attorney General Eric Holder to institute a THROUGH investigation of George W. Bush for his ADMITTED approval of the use of TORTURE of prisoners of the United States of America.

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