Tell Adobe not to f*ck up Figma

Tell Adobe not to f*ck up Figma

September 15, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Nathan Diesel

Calling all dreamers, thinkers, and makers!

(We're talking to you: designers, product managers, and engineers.)

We just learned that Adobe intends to buy Figma. The product design community is very worried that Adobe will destroy Figma. We do not want this to result in yet another software acquisition that makes us disappointed in the Adobe brand (remember our beloved Macromedia Fireworks!).

Sign this open letter to Adobe telling them 12 things:

  • Don’t f*ck up Figma
  • Don’t bloat it with features
  • Don’t integrate it with anything in the Creative Cloud
  • Don’t kill it like you did Fireworks
  • Don’t let XD product managers take over
  • Don’t try to integrate Adobe’s culture with Figma’s culture
  • Don’t make us run to Sketch
  • Do leave the Figma team alone
  • Do let them continue to make Figma great
  • Do provide Figma the resources they need
  • Do let them infuse more surprise & delight (like the high-five)
  • Do let us make great things with awesome software we want to use
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Signatures: 206Next Goal: 500
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