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Tell ABC today: Programming Should Not Mock Transgender People


ABC has announced that in January they will premier a new comedy show "Work It," featuring two men who dress as women to secure employment.

According to ABC, the show centers on two unemployed men who have “learned the hard way that the current recession is more of a 'man-cession' and their skills aren't in high demand. Then the almost-broke Lee finds out that Coreco Pharmaceuticals is looking to hire sales reps—female sales reps. He takes a chance and goes into the interview dressed in heels, a skirt and make-up. The transformed Lee gets hired—as a woman.”

The premise of "Work It" reinforces false and damaging stereotypes about transgender people.

Please send a message to ABC today. Let them know you do not support programming that belittles and mocks those who do not adhere to society's gender norms.

Letter to
ABC Network
I'm writing to express my concern about ABC's upcoming comedy, "Work It," which features two men dressing as women to secure employment.

Across the country, hundreds of thousands of transgender Americans face very real challenges in the workplace. In 34 states you can be fired for adhering to your gender identity. Many states also lack basic protections for gender identity in hate crime and youth bullying laws.

We have a shared responsibility to ensure the messages about gender identity we send to the public, and particularly youth, are positive ones. It is never appropriate to belittle or mock those who do not adhere to society’s gender norms or the struggles they face.

As an ABC viewer, I urge you not to air a show that reinforces negative and damaging stereotypes about transgender people.


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