Remake Game of Thrones Season 8

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Good evening,

As Game of Thrones draws to an end, we are left to wonder if all of the time invested into the show and characters paid off. The answer is simple: absolutely not! What has become the greatest and most expensive show ever produced (surpassing The Sopranos) has begun it's slow and inevitable anticlimactic ending.

Game of Thrones through intricate storytelling, character development, and exemplary writing has won multiple awards--the final season though is another subject all together. What was suppose to be the climax of years of television perfection has descended into an irreparable direction.

Aside from a terrible disservice to devoted fans, have you seen the faces of its actors? They cannot hide the dislike when confronted with their thoughts on the final season during interviews. Emilia Clarke-- a wonderful actress with a beautiful and contagious smile upon receiving the final scripts wandered for over three hours in sheer disbelief. The character whom she portrayed: Daenerys Targaryen was the major driving force which helped her overcome her near death experience from a brain aneurysm. To have her epic character perform a contrary 180 to everything she stood and was written about her is only one example of the many ways character story arcs have come crashing down.

Once again we plead for a remake of this once great show in order to prevent it from becoming the greatest laughingstock in television history. This show and fans alongside George R.R. Martin (whom was denied the right to air the final episode by HBO) asks, beg for ending that's worthy to the seasons before.


Aegon Targaryen