Shut down the Telegram V2K Group and punish them responsible

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If you have come across the Telegram app, you would have also heard about this well known group as V2K and yes this group is based in Malaysia. This group shares a collection of nudes and other images and videos of women, teenagers, TikTok users and many more. There has been a lot of social lives that has been destroyed due to this. People are tying to voice out but the members of the group have been shutting us down. They managed to report a post from a local news channel on Instagram and it got removed. This needs global attention and Telegram need to respond to this as well. The members in that group are going over the boundaries of misusing someone else's picture without their consent at the benefit of being anonymous ! Till today with so many Malaysian's sharing and voicing out there has been nothing that changed. This needs global attention. We need a change. Let the victims of V2K  deserve their justice ! ! !