DTH Services : Loot and Law

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Television on a sofa with popcorn, no better weekend right ? Television is a integral part of our life, it is a major entertainment business. Since ages, we are glued to television be it for TV Serials, cricket, movies,.... From Single Cable operators to DTH Providers, from SD to HD, from DD channels to multi channels, we have come a long way.

Today, there are many DTH providers in the market. All having their unique names, unique channels packages, unique package pricing. But they all have one thing in common.: FRAUD, CHEATING. DTH Providers have been looting the public in many ways since past decade but recently, they have found a new way to cheat. And it is time for us, to say STOP, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

So what is the new mantra of loot of these DTH Providers ? Very simple :
They provide different packages to the customer for a limited period of time, each package having many channels. Customer buys a package and starts enjoying the services. Later, Service provider removes few channels from that package and put them in the Add-on Category. The poor customer knows nothing about it. When he calls customer care to inquire why his channels are not showing despite him having paid in advance for the package including those removed channels, he is being told that those channels were only on promotional basis and now the customer has to pay again for those channels if he wishes to watch. Recent example Videocon d2h removed all Ten Sports channels from their highest package (Platinum HD) and customers were asked to pay again for those channels even though the customer had paid full year in advance. We customers are being fooled by DTH providers and we need to protest loud and make sure our voices are being heard by TRAI.

We request TRAI to come with a clear rule and inform all DTH Providers that "Once customer buys a certain package, it is DTH provider's duty to provide all the channels linked with the package for the period of subscription. No channel should be removed from a package in the middle of a paid subscription".

Friends, lets unite and fight for justice. Having full faith in our court and law, I am pretty confident that this rule will be passed very soon and Indian public will have a relief from this loot of DTH Providers.

Jai Hind, Vande Mataram