TRAI must define 2Mbps as guaranteed Broadband Speed instead of 512kbps for DIGITAL INDIA

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I want TRAI to define a minimum broadband download speed of 2Mbps.

As per the latest news :TRAI defines 512kbps as broadband, officially confirms internet in India is a joke.

 As per the Akamai's State of the Internet Q2 2016 Report,India once again had the lowest average connection speeds among surveyed countries in the ASIA-PACIFIC region at 3.6 Mbps. Make no mistake , we are living in information age. But the internet speeds in India reminds us that we haven't even surpassed black age.

TRAI Letter_to_Secretary_DOT_24_may_2016 clearly covered requirements , benefits and recommendations for having fast speed Internet speed.

Higher Internet/electronic communication speeds are relevant in knowledge-based communities.This is because it spur productivity, and hence increases competitiveness, which gives GDP the ability to grow. Increased broadband speed lead to more jobs, triggered by enhanced innovative services.

As per the ITU's "Working Together to Connect the World by 2020" paper released during the World Economic Forum Summit 2016, "Based on a significant body of research on the economic impact of broadband, it is generally accepted that broadband has a beneficial impact on economic growth. Moreover, some research suggests that broadband speed matters". The paper goes on to quote various studies which suggest that a 10% increase in broadband penetration is likely to have a positive impact, and could raise economic growth by between 0.25%-1.4%. If Broadband speed is doubled,GDP may increase, potentially by up to 0.3%.

If we truly are to become a knowledge economy, we must be able to compete with other knowledge economies in ASIA-PACIFIC like South Korea where high speed Internet access is the norm ,however far lagged in comparison with America's and Europe.

High speed, low latency, uncapped data transmission will be as essential to economic growth in the 21st century for Implementation of new business solutions i.e. Cloud Computing, NFV, Artifical Intelligence etc.. in addition to existing requirement of VoIP, Video On-demand, Tele-health etc..

Time to wake up. We can't let this go on. Let's fight for our rights. Let's bring in change. Let's spread the word and remind ourselves that what we are missing.

Jai Hind !!