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Ban FUP in India

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TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India),

Please Abolish the Un-Fair usage Policy (FUP), or at least make it a Fair usage Policy again, because the current state of ISP's is just ridiculous....

Let's talk about one of the two leading companies who provide wired internet in India first, MTNL and BSNL:

MTNL-                                                                                                                            Oh... The best company ever!  Just the best.... Their customer support is also the best.... Call them today and you'll receive a call day-after-tomorrow if you're lucky. That to asking you whether you called them or not, let's get back to the topic, It's awesome plans, (plans in Delhi)

For 499 a month... They offer the best speed of 2mbps!                                          What makes this worse is they offer this speed only up to 1gb, after that, the speed is even faster! 512kbps.

So, for the above plan, what would really make sense, if they either removed the FUP limit or at least raise it so that it becomes a fair usage policy, the raise i would recommend is at least 10-15gb (an average internet consumer's household uses about 50gb data a month) , maybe after that, they provide to add extra high-speed data for maybe some money or maybe just introduce another plan in that case, but 1gb is just nothing these days...                                                                                   

Smartphones, which we use daily, have started guzzling data, via social apps, or streaming videos from YouTube, voice and video chatting, and even gaming. For me on average, a 3-minute video on YouTube takes up 8-11MB, and that too when seen in regular 320p resolution, which by today's standards is low. YouTube, of course, tries to default to the highest quality your connection will support, so unless you keep one eye on the quality settings at all times, your consumption can skyrocket. A Skype-to-Skype call for 60 seconds takes 3MB, so a 30 minutes Skype call, uses 90MB of data. This is just one of the applications we use in a day.         

I'll give an example of a family of four members, making basic use of the Internet. Maybe one person will watch a few music videos; someone else might check some instructional videos. Another family member might watch an episode of an old TV show that's been legally uploaded to YouTube. Between the whole family, 60 minutes of YouTube adds up to more than 300MB, provided the resolution is 480p or more.

Browsing Web pages and social media websites is roughly another 100MB, while emailing and doing other work Web-based applications takes almost 100MB more. For average users like us, streaming audio and video consumers another 200MB. And then there are the other ways you use data - say an extra-long Skype call to a relative you haven't met in a while, or a couple of GB used updating your apps, or if you want to install a new game on your phone. Everything starts to add up, and what started off sounding like a reasonable FUP actually looks like the bare minimum that you will use.

What's more, FUP shouldn't actually exist at all if the companies are mentioning "Unlimited" in the Internet packs.It's well past time to move beyond FUPs, and for companies to either truly introduce unlimited plans, or at least have more realistic limits. In the US, caps are typically around 300GB which still sees huge consumer backlash. Here, we've been trained to accept limits so small that they limit the potential for the Internet in India. Companies can't depend on their customers being able to reach them online if users are constantly throttled to 512kbps. The government talks about Digital India and digital documents to remove the need for paper. But if you need half an hour to download your passport, how useful will it be? Our policymakers are weighing issues of network neutrality, and free access - but fair access is another issue that needs to be addressed, and urgently.

BSNL, is no exception, it has poor customer support and their plans are also very poor, and so is their FUP limits.

Airtel, Vodafone, etc... are just the same, maybe with better customer support, but the FUP limits are fatal too...


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