Kindly Build good roads from Beeramguda to Patelguda (Suryoda Colony) as Promised.


Kindly Build good roads from Beeramguda to Patelguda (Suryoda Colony) as Promised.

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Parameshwar K started this petition to National Highways Authority of India (Sri KT Rama Rao, Hon’ble Minister)

With due respect, I would like to bring in your kind notice that the road from Beeramguda Khaman till Kishtareddy peta (Patelguda) has been a nightmare for commuters residing in various colonies, ventures located on two sides of the road.

I am not sure when the previous time this road was sanctioned. But the position of the roads was so bad that this has been one of the most dangerous roads to travel both from safety and health perspective because of the condition of the roads and the amount of dust and pollution it carries.Attached Suroyada Colony pics for your reference. 

1. Recently Suryodaya Colony, Patelguda area Pregnant ladies got medical issues        due to roads situation

2. For the past 2 weeks due to heavy rains situation got more worst School children      suffering a lot every day
3. On a daily basis more than 100+ Private water tankers, Heavy vehicles go by this      road. Especially few vehicles prefer to take this service road instead of ORR              which is next to Patelguda village.
4. Commuters suffering a lot falling down due to Path holes ( 2 Wheeler's ) 
5. Dump yards in between Residential ventures

I have seen few repairs have been done in the last year to cover few areas but this is a generous act but does not really help. The amount of damage it has to all the vehicles which needs to go to service adding unnecessary cost to the commuters and the dust and pollution is causing serious issues to health of the people living around, Shopkeepers, schools and all commuters. The staff in the Panchayat office themselves are victims of this road.

I am afraid to tell you that the dust and pollution levels are so high and remain high throughout the whole day and night.

Please let us know do we need to wait till next elections. I remember Honorable chief minister of telangana (KCR) promised in the TRS Praja Ashirvada Sabha at  Patancheru (Mini India) meeting about 100 feet road from Beeramguda Kaman to Patelguda. It will be great help if Telangana Government could respond and resolve these issues ASAP. 

Best Regards,



This petition made change with 371 supporters!

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