Ban online classes for children from KG to Class 5 in Telangana

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Telangana Parents Association for Child Rights and Safety (TPACRS) demands that the Telangana government should ban live online classes conducted by schools across the state for students from Pre-Primary to fifth standard. 

TPACRS has received complaints and reports from parents across Telangana state that the schools are charging extra fees from parents for the Online Classes. The State government directive clearly states that apart from Tuition fee no other fee can be charged by the school. Unfortunately, this is not happening.

Moreover, kids from Pre-Primary till 5th Standard are exposed to a lot of screen-time which is affecting their health. Kids are supposed to sit in the school-dress for hours together without moving away from the screen. Few parents who cannot afford but are forced to buy peripherals for their kids to attend the online classes. 

TPACRS has given representations to many such schools but we demand that the Telangana Government bans it across the state. This move will help the parents, children and the society will benefit at large.