Allow the teens to choose the winners at the Teen Choice Awards

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In the past few years, the Teen Choice Awards have been known for their show to be "rigged" with the producers picking the winner. Many fans vote night and day to ensure their favorites get the award they deserve, even though they truly don't have a say. I want to ensure that the voice of the teens get heard. We don't want it to be called Teens Choice when it's actually Producers Choice.

For example, the official Twitter account of the TCAs put out a tweet that told fans to retweet if they wanted the YouTubers, Ethan and Grayson Dolan (aka the Dolan Twins) to win Choice YouTuber. That tweet received 39k retweets the day of the rewards ceremony.

Another tweet was put out by the official TCAs Twitter that told fans to retweet if they wanted the YouTuber, Jake Paul, to win in the same category. That tweet recieved less than 2k in the day of the awards ceremony. But guess who the winner was? Jake Paul. It was obvious that the Dolan Twins were the ones the majority of people wanted to win but because the producers reserve the right to pick the winner, they didn't win.

Here is a tweet with screenshots of the tweets and the retweets show who the winner should have been if it were up to the teens.

All we ask if that you stop capitalizing off of teens who want to have a voice and stop calling it the Teens Choice Awards when in fact, it's not. Also we want to you to say that the teens have no real choice and the producers have the power and let it be known on any social media platform and website before people start voting! But either, let teens have the choice or change the name to the Producers Choice Awards.