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Remove the use of words from the Qur'an in the background music of CL's solo song 'MTBD', and apologise to the Muslims that were hurt by this act of disrespect towards Islam.


It has recently come to light, to the majority of Muslim K-pop fans, that a section in CL's solo song 'MTBD' (from 2NE1's ‘Crush’ album) contains music that is disrespectful to Islam. From the 1 minute mark you can clearly hear in the background music, words from the Qur'an "hadaa-iqa wa a’anaa ba"* (Surah An-Naba, Verse 32), which means “gardens enclosed and grapevines” [talking of heaven]. This is offensive, as the Qur'an is a sacred text that Muslims believe is the direct word of God, and putting it into a song is extremely disrespectful and unnecessary.




As the producer of this song, we sincerely ask you to remove this offending section from the song. We believe we are not being unreasonable in asking this. We ask that the remaining physical copies of the album are withdrawn and re-released with a new version of the song that no longer contains words from the Qur'an. And we would also like the digital copy of the song to be replaced.




Whether this was done knowingly, or unknowingly, we just hope that something is done about this issue. As an influential music producer we are disappointed that you have produced a song that would make a mockery of the beliefs of many of your fans. It has not only upset your fans, and those of CL (who is now, unfortunately, getting the full brunt of the misplaced anger due to your mistake), but also a large section of K-pop fans and Muslims in general.




I think I speak on behalf of many Muslim K-pop fans when I say we would appreciate an apology for the hurt, upset and disappointment caused by this issue.




Also, to YG Entertainment- as leaders of the Hallyu Wave, and because of the massive influence you have in K-pop and music globally, we hope that from now on you ensure that this issue is never repeated again, and that members of your company respect Islam and all other faiths.




*if there is still any disagreement on the use of words from the Qur’an in the song, I ask you to listen to the video below at 3:27 (which is of a boy reciting Surah An-Naba) and compare it to MTBD at 1:00 onwards.


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