Open Letter of Support from Technology Leaders for Mike Bloomberg

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Authored by Carl Pope:

This election is about more than Donald Trump.  It is about whether America will lead or follow, about whether we will embrace the economy of tomorrow or cling to the relics of the economy of yesterday.

California in particular has a huge stake in which path this country follows.  California’s economy, uniquely, is tied to innovation. California’s leading export product is --- the electric vehicle, a product line that Donald wants to obstruct and strangle. California agriculture leads the world because its agricultural research institutions keep it on the cutting edge of innovation. Technology has given us an entertainment industry looking nothing like it did twenty years ago. 17% of the corporate facilities in the state are research and development centers.

President Trump has done everything – some that most of us could never have imagined – to cripple the innovation economy across America.  He has raised immigration barriers recklessly, denying access equally to refugees in desperate need of shelter and to highly qualified workers with skills the US economy badly needs.  He has waged trade war after trade war, each leaving behind a weakened US economy. When industries as diverse as auto manufacturers and oil and gas producers urged his administration to keep in place common sense regulations that protected the public health and safety, he has ignored them.

California – and America – need a President who understands and supports an economy that is based on innovation, competition, predictable and fair rules for all.  We need a President who will return America to its place as the global leader of tomorrow’s economy.

Michael Bloomberg is by far the most qualified candidate running for the White House to fill that role.  As Mayor of New York he led one of the most innovative, diverse and sophisticated economies in the world.  He created 450,000 new jobs, added three years to the life expectancy of New York residents, cut carbon pollution by 14%, and grew the economy faster than the nation.

Mike Bloomberg understands that importance of public support of knowledge and research.  He ensured that New York landed the new Roosevelt Island research campus of Cornell University. He helped NYC bounce back from the terrible tragedy of 9/11, but made sure that all New Yorkers, wherever their land of origin, felt included in the recovery process. He made his largest philanthropic investment in Johns Hopkins University, both in expanding its School of Public Health and in ensuring that, going forward, qualified students of whatever family means can confidently apply to Hopkins without fear of crippling costs.  (He’s the only remaining Presidential candidate with a science degree – MSC in electrical engineering.) The company that bears his name, Bloomberg LP, is itself an enormous testament to the power of innovation.  And the philanthropy to which the ongoing profits from that enterprise is devoted has been a model of innovative use of data to guide its giving.  

Finally, Mike’s Presidential campaign platform demonstrates his understanding of and commitment to an inclusive economy based on innovation, as can be found here:

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