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We are asking for hazard pay for all the couriers and agents who are required everyday to leave their homes and be exposed to this terrible virus. Not only are we putting ourselves in danger, we are also exposing our families everyday we leave our homes.The danger is real. At JFK NY a fellow  DHL employee passed away from COVID-19. Everyday we hear of new cases popping up in our system and the anxiety and fear is escalating. We handle thousands of packages a week, everything from plastic/paper envelopes to cardboard and wooden boxes. Nobody knows for sure how long this virus can live on a shipment , and this just further adds to the fear and uncertainty. We deliver and pick-up to hundreds of customers per week, and every interaction is a potential risk. While the company keeps putting out thank you videos from upper management, nobody has mentioned hazard pay for each essential employee. We are proud and grateful to have jobs at this uncertain time, and do realize how important our jobs are, but hazard pay during this time period is the right way of saying thank you to each employee who is putting themselves at risk.