Team Sports are ALL Different - Bring Some Back!

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With the return to a modified Stage 2 in specific regions of the province, the Ontario government has banned ALL team sports. This restriction is wide-sweeping, encompassing ALL activities, making no distinction between: outdoor or indoor, in a dome or gym, contact or no-contact and the number of people playing.This brush is too broad.

Example of what is currently allowed in Ontario versus not allowed:

Outdoor 25 person party ✅
Outdoor 9 vs 9 softball. ❌

Outdoor boot camps and fitness class. ✅
Outdoor 6 vs 6 beach volleyball. ❌

Indoor ice hockey practice ✅
Indoor 4 v 4 curling. ❌

Indoor dance classes ✅
Indoor 6 v 6 volleyball. ❌

Our society had a mental health crisis (loneliness, anxiety, depression) and physical health crisis (obesity) before the pandemic hit and statistics show that both have worsened significantly since March.  As we head into the colder fall and winter months, it is imperative that we give people an outlet to safely stay active and social.  We must find a balance that includes physical and mental health.

With proper protocols in place, we believe there are many team sports that can be played safely. Premier Doug Ford, Minister Christine Elliott, Minister Lisa MacLeod and Minister Michael Tibollo, if you truly have the best interest of the physical and mental health of your constituents, as well as care and concern for small businesses in hard-hit industries, then please do not paint all team sports with one brush. 

If you want to see our province differentiate between team sports such that some may be safely allowed to continue so you can play again for your own physical and mental well-being, please sign this petition and share today.  Keep playing!