Allow People To Change Snapchat Usernames

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Although Snapchat started around 2011, it didn't pick up speed until around late 2012. Almost half of Snapchat's users were in middle school at that time. On behalf of all those users, let me start out by saying, some of us didn't know what the hell we were doing in middle school. Now most of us are in high school and college, and we find our usernames quite embarassing. We weren't all smart enough to use our names at the time. Some of us used our previous usernames from Roblox or Minecraft. Yes, that includes me. I thought that a silly username I used for my gaming accounts would be good for my Snapchat. Newsflash! It's not, really it's not. Whenever I give someone my Snapchat now I'm embarrassed of my old username. As you grow, your username should grow with you. I'm not going to release my snapchat for privacy reasons, but it is very embarrassing and I don't want to be known by that name forever. I don't want to go through my college years with my name, I don't want my future coworkers to see that name, and most of all I don't want cute guys reading that name. It is not fair that I have to live by a mistake, that wasn't even a mistake at the time, until my Snapchat-using years are over. I have more people on my Snapchat, then I have in my contacts list, so creating a new account is not an option for me. I have people on my snapchat that live overseas, in other countries, or even just in different states. I will never be able to see them again. The only way I get to communicate with them is through Snapchat. So I'm never going to create a new Snapchat, but I would really love to create a new username. Seriously, I didn't know what the hell I was doing in middle school!