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Teach Kids about Seals and the Seal Hunt

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Teach Kids that the Seal Hunt is wrong. Children are our Future, the next Generation.

How to Stop Killing Seals

By Lisa Carroll, eHow Contributor


Few countries in the world allow seal hunting. The majority of commercial seal hunting occurs in Canada, where millions of seals have been killed for their fur, according to the Humane Society of the United States. Most of the seals killed in recent years have been younger than one month old. The seals are either shot or hit with clubs or ice picks. A 2001 study by independent veterinarians found that 42 percent of the seals were conscious when they were skinned.

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      Since Canada's annual seal hunt is the largest killing spree of marine mammals in the world, opposition to the seal hunt should begin with that country. Protest the Canadian seafood industry by refusing to purchase snow crabs, cod, shrimp, lobsters, salmon, scallops and other seafood caught in that country. The seafood industry is very important to the Canadian government. If seafood profits dip too much because of those protesting the government's support of the seal hunt, officials may be forced to make seal hunting illegal.

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      Send letters to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Minister of International Trade Stockwell Day protesting the seal hunt. Remind them that nearly 70 percent of their constituents oppose the hunt. Point out that sealers are usually off-season fishermen trying to earn a little extra money. Profits from the seal hunt also account for only 2 percent of the income in Newfoundland, where 90 percent of the seals are slaughtered, according to the Humane Society. Therefore ending the hunt would not result in a large loss of profit.

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      Spread the word about the seal hunt. Not everyone knows the brutality involved in seal hunting. The Humane Society's "Protest Seals" website has information on how to spread the word to friends through the Internet.

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      Refuse to purchase fur of any kind. Selling fur is the main motivation behind the seal hunt.

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      Make a donation. The Humane Society ProtectSeals Campaign and Boycott Canada (a campaign by Respect for Animals) are just a couple of the places that accept donations. The money is used directly to protect seals. The Humane Society website also offers anti-seal hunt merchandise for sale.

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What is Kids 4 Seals?

Kids 4 Seals is an international network of schools, students and young persons interested in OPPOSING the ANNUAL CANADIAN HARP and HOODED SEAL SLAUGHTERS that take place off the Atlantic coast of Canada each year.

How Can You Help?

The goal of Kids 4 is to get kids to play an active role in helping to end the Canadian Harp seal slaughter.

We will give you the information on the Canadian Harp Seal slaughter.

There are several things you can do, whether you're at home or in school...

From Home You Can:

1) Learn the Facts About the Seal Hunt

The best place to learn about the Canadian seal hunt is by checking out the pages of
Other informational websites include:

(Humane Society of United States)

(Sea Shepherd Conservation Society)

(International Fund for Animal Welfare)

* Animal Alliance of Calnada (Environment Voters)

2) Tell Your Friends and Network with New Friends

* Network with other kids around the world to work on anti seal hunt projects... Join the MySpace seal community, start your own MySpace page and post information about the seals.

* Access chatrooms, web blogs, and instant messenger services that talk about the plight of the seals.


* Join the BOYCOTT and spread the word about the seals best strategy to stop the killing: the Canadian Seafood Boycott.

Learn how and why it works. The more you understand, the more you can help.

4) Write Letters & Emails

* Write letters of opposition and OPPOSE the right adults (politicians, newpapers, fur companies, Canadian seafood distributers, etc.) who are involved in the killing of seals and tell them why we oppose what they are doing. Click here to learn more about this letter writing campaign.

* Write letters of support and SUPPORT the right adults (politicians, sympathetic sealers, media, and restaurants and seafood distributers) who are involved in helping to STOP the slaughter.


From School You Can:1) Raise awareness for the seals in a variety of ways. Creativity knows no boundaries and there are countless projects your school can participate in.

* Urge your teacher to start a class seal project - Check out the gallery of school projects page!

* Have fun with "seal art" and other crafts and projects and stage a future online art contest.

* ROCK OUT FOR THE SEALS by making and distributing our already famous Seal Rocks.

* Download flyers and cards from our tool kit (click here)

2) Raise money for the seals so we can continue to spread the word with a major multi- media campaign! (Billboards, TV, Radio, magazines, etc.)

* Organize benefit concerts, talent shows, raffles, seal games, and contests.

Lots more information and more ideas will be posted here soon as the students and teachers start putting their minds to the task!

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