Teach Consent in Schools to Curb Sexual Violence

Teach Consent in Schools to Curb Sexual Violence

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Started by Siddharth Singh

Dear Indian Education System ,

No , I'm not going to complain about the syllabus or methodology this time.

I'm here to ask you one simple question - How difficult is it to include Sex Education in our curriculum?

And before you try to reason with me by mentioning about how you included the chapter 13 in our class 10's biology textbook - ' The Reproductive System', let me tell you, Sex Education is more than just a few pages of theoretical information below two diagrams of male and female genitalia.

Stop considering it as a taboo topic . It's not.


So here's my proposal and it's a very basic one

Make ' Moral Science a compulsory subject for EVERYONE in EVERY CLASS in EVERY SCHOOL.

I can observe how you have normalised Counselling in several schools - both private and government. As a child, I used to deem moral science classes as unnecessary and a waste of our academic time. It is only when it stopped after class 8 that I realised how crucial it was, ESPECIALLY in today's times.

We students are very susceptible to Bullying, Harrasment , Social media trolling, Mental Health Disorders, and even Hate speech , Sexual assault , Rape , Violence and many more these days. It is a fact , you can't deny it. Your job is to help us and teach us what's right. So please do it.

You care about the country's future - The students , right ? Well guess what, THEY'RE NOT SAFE and maybe there's something you can do about it. Something more than us. So I deeply urge you to take a step forward otherwise the next time a crime is committed , you'll be at fault as well.

10,587 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!