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Petitioning Attorney General of Texas Greg Abbott and 4 others

TDFPS, Dallas County Judges, Guardian Ad Litem: Uphold State Law, TDFPS policies, and TEA


The Tutt children were removed from their home by Texas Department of Family Protective Services CPS in spite of NO allegations of abuse or neglect. Rather than return them, the Dallas County Judge who issued the removal order ruled to keep them in foster care based on the guardian ad litem's concerns that the children were home schooled.  Texas State Law gives the Tutts full freedom to home school their children, and TDFPS and TEA policy both clearly state home schooling alone is not a criteria for abuse or neglect.  Additionally, Texas Family Code does not even take educational issues into consideration in any way when defining abuse or neglect. The Tutt's rights under multiple Texas State laws have been violated and their children traumatized by being ripped from their family and split up. Additionally, the foster care system has been abused and taxpayer monies wasted by putting children with a safe, loving home into foster care needlessly.  An appeal has been filed by their attorney and a new hearing will take place before a new judge, the GAL continues to press the home schooling issue, in flagrant disregard for law and TDFPS policies.

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Letter to
Attorney General of Texas Greg Abbott
CPS Region 3 Office
Dallas County District Court Judges
and 2 others
TDFPS Commissioner John J. Specia, Jr.
TDFPS Media Patrick Crimmins
On November 21, the children of Trevor and Christina Tutt were removed from their home by emergency order citing immediate threat of harm by region 3 CPS caseworkers. CPS had not been in the Tutt home in 3 weeks. When they were in the home on September 21st and October 31st, they did not find anything actionable. The Tutts met with an FBSS evaluator on October 31st who told them FBSS had no parenting classes to offer them since the Tutts had taken so many parenting classes on their own. Once the case reached the court of the Judge who had issued the emergency removal, CPS and the GAL pressed to keep the children in foster care because they were home schooled. As you well know, abuse and neglect have nothing to do with educational issues as stated clearly in multiple TDFPS policy books and at least one CPS-wide memo. Additionally, the TEA does not have jurisdiction over home schoolers, and State Law gives parents the right to determine how their children are educated. The judge ruled that the children stay in foster care, which is an abuse of the foster care system and a waste of taxpayer money.