TD Canada support for Google Pay

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Android TD_Canada customers are stuck (in 2019 no less) with no reliable mobile payment system.  TD Canada has decided instead of letting Google handle mobile payments through platform integrated GooglePay, they themselves will take on (duplicate) the development burden and create their own payment app.  The resulting app doesn't work on Android 10, doesn't even support their own debit card, is a pain to open, and only has SMS based 2fa.

We hate it, we all hate it, it's terrible.

Complains have been going on for years, through constant tweets falling on deaf ears.

Even more frustrating is that they have allowed ApplePay through iPhone for years.

TD is falling behind even small credit unions providing GooglePay support.

Get with the times, listen to your customers, stop thinking your development team is better or more equipped than Google.  


Here's a list of the Executives holding us hostage

But specifically here's the LinkedIn profile of the "Innovation" officer.