Protect Bus Passenger Rights - BAN KALLADA TRAVELS

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2)Hounourable Minister for Transport, Kerala.

3)Commissioner,Human rights Commission Kerala.

4)Commisioner,Youth Commission ,Kerala.

5)Commisioner,Transport Department,Kerala.


Inter-State Bus Travellers Forum, Kerala & Karnataka.

Respected Sir/Madam,

We the common citizens who travel in the long distance / inter-state buses have been falling prey to the exploitation by the bus operators many a times all these years. Inter-state private buses are an unavoidable factor in every person's life especially when there is an emergency situation to travel outstation. Since everyone prefers Public carriers and Trains, all the tickets will be booked in advance, even Tatkal tickets gets sold out in minutes. Hence Private Bus operators are the last resort for outstation travel needs and these operators exploits this situation. The Logic of dynamic pricing has been taken to an extreme level that at times bus fare exceeds flight fare to the same destination. Despite collecting exorbitant price for the tickect, the passengers are not given service equivalent to what they pay.

These buses stop for food/snack at pre-planned hotels and restaurants which are located in isolated places where there will be no other hotels nearby and the hotels charges more money from the passengers and gives free food to the bus staff for giving them business. The passengers are looted in every possible way. Many a times  unclean blankets , non dis-infested seats and so on. People hesitate to go to police station or consumer court as they have to run around behind it and more over to many of them these  trips happen only once or twice a year. The operators and staffs take advantage of these helpless situations of the passengers. Many a times the passengers misses their flights/trains from their destination points because of the breakdowns or delayed services of the bus, but the passengers are never compensated for their losses.

Passengers are made to wait in the buses at border crossings while they load/unload luggage and goods which doesn't belong to the passengers, in other words they are partially using the passenger bus for goods transport also. Despite all these many a times the passengers are being abuse, ill-treated and at times even man handled by the staffs of the bus operator. These are few of the prominent issues faced by the Passengers. We want our government to put an end to this. We do not want irresponsible operators to exist in the market and give their service and ill-treat passengers. The recent incident of manhandling by staff of Kallada Travels is a classic example of how and what passengers go through the 12-15 hours for what they paid. In this incident we can see the buses are not properly maintained, the service is not backed up even though we pay a huge price for ticket, the bus staff is not at all courteous, the customer care staff at the office is not friendly but rude and abusive, after all they had a conspiracy with goons and then the staffs and goons jointly attacked few passengers brutally in front of ladies and kids and ejected them out of the bus at night in the middle of no where for questioning the bad service provided by the operator !! Look at the plight of passengers , they just have to keep their mouth shut and obey the operator and staff. As passengers, as citizens as customers we need Justice.

We request our Ministers and Commissioners two things -

1) Put up guidelines for Inter-State bus operators and make sure it is followed, Give more power to customers not the operators. Make strong guidlines such that if a customer gives a complaint and if found true, the operator has to exit the industry.

2) Suspend the Operator Lisence of Kallada Travels for the heinous act and Shut down their offices and close down their bookings till the suspension term is over.

With great belief in our leaders, Public Servants and Our Judiciary, we request this appeal to be heard and resolved at the earliest. Jai Hind!