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TCM Practitioner Gets 3years license suspension by TCMPB for Giving a TCM treatment Option

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One man’s meat is another’s poison. The concept of ‘fairness’ is very vague and subjective. In the field of medicine, what is generally accepted may not necessarily be everyone’s cup of tea, and sometimes alternative medicine – which has a history of thousands of years – may be the miracle cure that is needed to break the yoke of illness. This is because different strokes exist for different people and there is no one stream of cure that can guarantee a 100% recovery for the patient.

The recent case involving Mr Chua Beng Chye alleged professional misconduct, over a piece of consultation advice given in goodwill, falls into the above-mentioned category. For more information about the case, please refer to this link ( ) for the English article.

华文文章在以下网址。For Chinese article, please refer to this link .(


The case highlights the clash of two titans, where Chinese medicine as a form of alternative therapy was pitted against the heavy might of Western medicine vis-à-vis surgical practice. Mr Chua's three-pronged advice was as such: to go for surgery and rely on Western medicine for recovery; go for surgery and rely on TCM for recovery; or postpone surgery for three months and undergo TCM treatment, but still seek western medical checkup after 2 months

Let us analyze the scenario here.

First and foremost, as a traditional Chinese sinseh, Mr Chua was just giving advice borne out of goodwill and in accordance to his expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). There was definitely no malice in giving his patient the opportunity to hear a second opinion which differs from that of general medicine. It seems ludicrous to blame Mr Chua – a Chinese sinseh by profession – for opening up a third option pathway for alternative medicine because that is what his calling is: to give expert opinion related to traditional Chinese Medicine. To understand how silly this accusation sounds, consider this analogy: do we go to a butcher for bread and a baker for meat? If the answer is no, then why sue, or label as ‘highly dangerous’, a Chinese sinseh for dishing out an option involving TCM therapy? Or why expect a Chinese sinseh to dish out standard oncology treatment associated with Western medicine practice?

Secondly, it is inconceivable to label an option as a ‘solution’. To those who do not understand the difference, an option gives the opportunity for choice, and a solution leaves room for none. Having understood this, read the article again and see for yourself if Mr Chua advice was a solution – or an option. The answer seems clear because there were three choices given. 

Let me then highlight the situation here. The charges that have been dished out to Mr. Chua is a straw man fallacy – an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent’s real argument. In fact this case is not a case to consider what constitutes professional misconduct. It is simply – and primarily – a skirmish or minor tussle between the giants of Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Consider this: if Mr. Chua must be convicted, then all the TCM practitioners in Singapore will be practicing on tenterhooks. In order to prevent license suspension, many of them will just advise the patient to follow whatever the doctors' advice even though they know there is alternative. It would be totally unfair to those patients who only believe in TCM and they might not get the most effective treatment in TCM.

Dear friends, it is my utmost belief that Mr. Chua should continue to be a TCM practitioner. I believe he has not done anything wrong by believing in the very thing that he practices – which is Chinese Medicine. He should continue his practice – unless, of course, TCM ceases altogether to be an alternative treatment.

Meanwhile, let the giants of Western Medicine and TCM fight their own battles and not implicate the adherents who belief in either form of treatment.

As for me and all those who hear me well and clear, I am lodging this petition to the high court because I am a strong supporter of TCM.

To everyone who read this and wish to protect future new generation of TCM practitioners and to seek effective TCM treatment in future. Please join this petition.

Thank you.

21 April update on the case.

High Court void TCMPB biased penalty. However, TCMPB is not happy, they want to form another committee to "investigate the case again". I feel sad for all the TCM practitioners in Singapore, as TCMPB interest is to find ways and evidence to prosecute a TCM practitioner rather than helping them. So poor thing being a TCM practitioner. Thank you everyone for the support. Please continue to spread the petition to close the case!

Thank you!

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