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Pitbull basher Joseph Kahn - Taylor - please stop working with him

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Taylor Swift,

You are known for being kind, considerate, and Apolitical. You seem to not take a stand on political issues as to not divide your fan base and cause a riff of contention (my observation) and then you work with this man, Joseph Kahn, who seems to be quite the opposite of you. I have no problem with someone making jokes or using sarcasm, but a line gets crossed when you troll on human rights and animal rights as a joke. Joseph Kahn doesn't see any of the repercussions of his actions and how it is upsetting hundreds of your fans. He is causing riffs and fights in your fanbase by posting controversial opinions daily...which is something YOU don't even do. Reading his Twitter will give you some insight into his sadistic, unprofessional, and Trump like attitude. 

Joseph Kahn thinks it's funny to troll peoples emotions about human and animal rights. Every day since 2018 he has been posting anti pitbull propaganda like it is his job. 
He posted racist and sexist tweets on MLK Day.
He constantly bashes a breed of dogs, pitbulls. He literally spends hours out of every day trolling fans on the internet about their pets. For a lot of fans, he is ruining the experience of enjoying the videos. 

Please consider hiring a new director.

Here he makes a light hearted joke about CHD, a disease that kills up to 30-50% of children born with it. Vile.

Thread on Twitter Discussing Problematic things he has done (not even all of them)


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