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Let Nick Meet Taylor

On November 12th of last year, twenty-four-year-old Lt. Nick Vogt, a hometown hero, stepped on an IED in Afghanistan. He lost both legs in the blow, and his heart briefly stopped. He is now slowly getting better, but this isn't about me telling you his story. He's a huge fan of Taylor in general, and it would be phenomenal if he were to be able to meet her in person! It would be a great way to show support for our troops, and make him a little bit happier during his recovery! I understand it's a lot to ask for, even a simple letter of recognition would be amazing!


This is what spawned this petition(this was written and posted on the Nick Vogt Family facebook page): 
From Olivia Hoffman (Nicks sister) 
Despite a rough weekend, Nick was in pretty good spirits today. Mom told him this morning he had a surprise visitor (me). When I walked in, he responded with "dangit I was hoping it was taylor swift." Once a sarcastic big brother always a sarcastic big brother. 


In less than twenty-four-hours we have reached an outstanding amount of over 1500 signatures! This really goes to show how many supporters Nick has, and what they are willing to do for him! I don't think we'll have a problem doing this for Nick!

At the suggestion of Justin Gill, we have begun to use the hashtag #NickVogt on twitter!

We have until the end of March to gain the attention of somebody! Keep on sharing! :)




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