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Taylor Animal Control and Shelter: Save the Animals

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The Taylor Animal Control and Animal Shelter need help. It is my opinion the staff needs to be fired and better training policies in place. I personally have called Animal Control for opossums, raccoons, snakes, groundhogs and more. In Michigan, you legally cannot travel with a caged animal to release it. However, when you call animal control they do not come and pick up the animal! They also do not provide traps. They do not patrol. They do not have their own phone line or emergency line. It is impossible to get help from this department. 

The shelter needs help too! The animals are not properly taken care of. Nor is it adequately sought to get homes for the animals. I have called to adopt a dog on several occassions and cannot get a hold of anyone. Come to find out, they auction off the animals to the highest bidder first. 

My son and his classmates have tried to volunteer there and they do not return our requests. There is absolutely no reason to turn away volunteers. Especially children who want to help the community when there really isnt much for our youth to do in this community.

If I were an Animal Control officer I would host events to educate the community. I would try to set up a dog park. I would partner with schools, retirement homes, hospitals and more to get donated goods such as blankets, bowls, food etc for the animal shelter. I would provide more training for officers. I would update the adoption website. I would get a direct line and assure an emergency line works. I would have on call officers. These are just a few small changes that can be made and many more. The mere fact that the Animal Control officer has not made these simple changes demonstrates how he is not fit for the responsibilities of this position. He has had plenty of time in this position to make changes to the department. He has been in this position for 21 years! The Mayor has been quoted to say in the past 4 years there has been improvement. What about the other 17 years? How is the animal control officer even evaluated in Taylor?  It seems like this manager has job security for sure. However, someone else more qualified should be able to have the opportunity to make good changes for our animals and community. 

When I contacted animal control to get a cat under my crawl space the manager said they do not come out for cats because cats can climb trees and get away easier than dogs. Umm what? Sounds like he needs some training on not only how to capture animals properly but so much more. It is his job to help these animals. Yet every time I call no one can come. I offered to help and there was no response. I asked if I could conduct the 100 hours of training needed to become an Animal Control Officer at Taylor's facility and he did not reapond. This manager just wants to employ his friends and do the bare minimum to secure his job. It is time someone more qualified be in the position. After 21 years of service, a lot more should have been done for these animals. 

If you feel change needs to happen in the Taylor Animal Control Department and Animal Shelter, sign this petition to better help serve the public and animals. Animals are being uncared for an euthanized due to the neglect of this department. We need a change and these animals need our voice! I have contacted Mayor Sollars and am hoping for immediate action and change. However, after further investigation, it looks like although the mayor has visited the shelter and even donated one whole bag of food he supports the shelter! The current manager needs to be fired and the shelter needs to be audited. Stay informed of when the city council meetings are and voice your concern! Located at  22805 Goddard Road, Taylor, MI. 

**If after signing, you are prompted to "chip in" that money does not go to this cause. It goes to the website. Please do not donate thinking it is going to help save the animals. It goes to Change . org. Not me or the cause** All I am asking is for you to sign and ask 5 others to sign or post to social media. Then I will present the signatures to the mayor. Thank you for your signature and help! 

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