We want the British EEZ's to remain British. Under our control. No UK Government sell out.

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There is a move afoot to use the Sea Areas around Britain and the Fishing Industry as a bagaining tool to give the UK government an easier Brexit. We want to make sure the Westminster Parliament hears the voice of the British People on this, Loud and Clear. "The people who sign this petition want you to know that we don't give you permission to do this."

We have under international law a 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone ( EEZ ) around the British coastline which through membership of the EU, we have had to allow other countries to have access to without much say. An example of EU rules was we were made to dump fish that were already dead instead of coming up with alternative solutions.

We want our EEZ's under our control now, and we want to be the ones that make the rules, who and how it's looked after and shared, not the EU. We want to say to the UK Government "Do not use our EEZ's as a Bargaining tool we do not give you permission."

You don't have to be connected with the fishing industry just a person who lives here and wants to protect our seas.  Please sign and if u can be bothered please put your area of the UK in Comments