Free Kendall Martin-Serving 60yrs for Marijuana Possession in Mississippi DOC!!!

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Kendall Martin was sentenced to 60 years for possession of marijuana without the possibility of parole in Brandon, Mississippi on March 4, 2015. He is a non violent offender and has the lowest classification score possible as an inmate because of his good behavior.

He was sentenced to a mandatory minimum under Mississippi's habitual offender laws. Mississippi’s habitual offender laws are some of the harshest in the country, for nonviolent offenses they restrict an inmate from parole eligibility or earned time credits. Kendall's case has already been to the supreme court and is awaiting appeal.

To clarify Kendall has never been convicted of anything violent and his sentence equates to a life sentence!!! He should not die in a Mississippi prison for a non violent offense and for marijuana which is now becoming legal in many states including Mississippi!!!! He was given more time than murderers and rapists. He is not a danger to the community and deserves a chance to reenter society. He is loved by so many and has a strong support system. He should be granted mercy.

The Governor of Mississippi has made it public that he is not even looking at clemency cases and those have been passed to the Mississippi parole board. The Mississippi Parole Board has verified that Clemency applications are just stacked there until the Governor Tate Reeves orders those looked at. We are asking Kendall be granted Clemency! We are asking that mandatory minimum laws change in Mississippi so that those that are not a danger to the community can reenter society and have a chance to be productive members of society.

Let's stand strong together and bring him home to his mom and daughter and those that love him!!! Please sign our petition to Free Kendall Martin!! Join our group on Facebook and please share!!!