Stop the felling of 3.4 lakh trees in Jharkhand's only Tiger reserve

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Palamu Tiger reserve is one of the oldest tiger reserve in India, formed under Project Tiger in 1973, issued by former PM Indira Gandhi. Now the water resource department is planning to chop down almost 3.4 lakh trees to make way for the North Koel project, also known as the Mandal Dam.

We are well aware of the precarious situation of this 'national animal' of India currently faces with declining numbers and shrinking forest covers. There were no tiger spotted in this reserve as per July 29 but it's quite obvious that if the government continues to chop down it's natural habitat, there will be no chances of even conservation.

The building of railway tracks and expansion of state's road has already disturbed the ecosystem earlier and these plans will further harm the ecosystem in unrepairable ways.

Since it falls in forest land, it requires a formal NOC from the state forest department. Mukesh Kumar, chief engineer of water resource department, Daltonganj said, "We have sought NOC from the forest department to begin several works including on forest land." He added that the work could begin after rainy season. "Centre’s agency WAPCOS Pvt limited will execute the tree felling work," he said.

This is really saddening to see the current situation of my state which is famous for it's greenery and wildlife. It is our responsibility to SAVE the home of these innocent animals and birds to secure not only theirs but also our future..Please sign this petition to make the Jharkhand government notice and take some action.