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Cancel The Lion Meat Dinner

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**8/11 UPDATE: Thank you! Late on Friday August 10, the restaurant announced that it will not be serving lion meat. They specifically thanked the polite voices of those of us who disagree. Thank you all for helping to make that happen with this petition and polite phone calls and social media actions. I knew passionate, peaceful voices can come together to help my cause!

BUT I still want the restaurant to cancel the dinner since they are planning on serving meat from exotic animals like kangaroos, alpacas, antelope, and crocodiles, too! This may not be a "lion meat" dinner anymore, but please sign to help if you agree that exotic animals should not be served.**


The Taste and See restaurant in Wichita, Kansas is reportedly planning to have a special dinner to serve meat from dead lions, kangaroos, and other exotic animals on August 14.

I don't know how that's even legal to be honest, but I believe it is wrong. And I need your help to make sure the restaurant cancels this cruel and disgusting dinner.

I have personally done volunteer work with African lions among other animals and can tell you that there's simply no excuse for serving up pieces of dead lions at a restaurant. These amazing creatures should be respected, not cooked and eaten!

When I called the restaurant politely, they wouldn't even disclose where they plan to get the lion meat from! They said because "I don't have to" tell. Is this meat from dead lions from a zoo or circus? Is it from the US? 

Lion meat is not fit for human consumption as it is only loosely regulated by the FDA and the USDA. This is a serious health risk! More information on lion meat:

Please sign to join me in asking Chef Jason Febres of Taste & See restaurant to cancel plans to hold this dinner. Your signature will also send a message to the Wichita City Council so they know that this event is a stain on its city's reputation.

You can call the restaurant to voice your opinion and concerns (316) 771-7393. Please be polite. We are on the side of compassion, don't forget it! You can also call the Wichita City Council (316) 268-4331and ask why their city allows something like this to take place.

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